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We provide a customized approach to guiding organizations through strategically developing and incorporating measurable and attainable sustainability and climate action throughout their company and operations.

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our purpose

We provide advisory and consultive services focused on sustainability, climate strategy and innovation to companies that work in the built environment and adjacent industries by leveraging new technologies, agile market research, and entrepreneurial spirit to create actionable corporate sustainability strategy.

The why behind our work

An individual business is not going to solve every global sustainability issue, and it can be daunting to know where to even begin. At Lumos, we seek to provide clear guidance; delivering the clarity and confidence to focus on and develop meaningful strategy for the issues that provide the most value for your unique business while aligning with the triple bottom line (people, profit and the planet). We provide the support for each organization to take one step closer to measurable and tangible alignment with science-based goals for critical climate and sustainability impacts.

What is the built environment?

The term built environment encompasses every facet of our lives.
It highlights the connection between physical human-constructed spaces, the natural world, and social elements. It impacts how society physically maneuvers and functions, including the buildings we live in, the distribution systems that provide us with water and electricity, the infrastructure including roads, bridges, sidewalks, and transportation networks that connect us from place to place, as well as the areas and spaces in which we connect with one another, grow our food, and recreate. While it includes man-made and modified structures, the term built environment forces us to recognize how we as humans impact not only the environment but also each other. Working across this industry requires us to acknowledge the innovations and technologies that both improve our lives, and impact the health of our planet. 

We are a trusted advisor

Global reports provide consensus that climate change is among the most significant challenges that all governments, economies, and societies need to tackle this decade- threatening not only the planet, but all aspects of business and human health as well. Cities and urban development are hotspots for the impact and risks of climate crisis- the built environment generates nearly 50% of annual global CO2 emissions.

Industries and businesses adjacent to the built environment are a critical part of the solution to decarbonize and reduce the inevitable impacts of climate change. As stakeholders and consumers demand swift efforts around ESG issues amidst a rapidly tightening regulatory environment, it is now imperative that organizations demonstrate they are not only abreast of current sustainability issues, but they are purposeful in their strategies and actions across their business. Companies must actively make climate action and social justice part of their overall core business strategy, not just a part of their PR strategy. Achieving science-based targets requires close collaboration and action- working together across both public and private sectors to develop long-term solutions.

Heide Camarata

Founder & CEO at Lumos Innovation Lab

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