about us

creating business value and actionable sustainable impact for your business,
enabled by technology and human ingenuity.

Lumos Innovation Lab is a problem solving-focused, solution-oriented organization focused on researching and implementing disruptive, achievable and effective climate and ecological solutions.

We provide advisory and consultive services focused on sustainability, climate strategy and innovation to companies that work in the built environment and adjacent industries by leveraging new technologies, agile market research, and entrepreneurial spirit to create actionable corporate sustainability strategy.

Our Values

our mission

Lumos’ mission is to infuse companies with a sustainable mindset and develop actionable strategies, while still maintaining solid financial results and creating an attractive and innovative corporate culture. We provide the support for each organization to take one step closer to measurable and tangible alignment with science-based goals for critical climate and sustainability impacts.


We exist to bring sustainability to light, and to illuminate the unique ways your organization can become an industry leader in implementing goals to solve pressing sustainability and ESG issues; focused on holistic systems thinking and organizational change as key attributes to success.


An individual business is not going to solve every global sustainability issue, and it can be daunting to know where to even begin. At Lumos, we seek to provide clear guidance; delivering the clarity and confidence to focus on and develop meaningful strategy for the issues that provide the most value for your unique business while aligning with the triple bottom line (people, profit and the planet).


Driven by our passion to strengthen and build climate resiliency in our communities- we provide advisory and consultive services to companies that work across the built environment industry by leveraging new technologies, agile research, and entrepreneurial spirit to create actionable corporate sustainability strategies focused on science and innovation.

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